Free Trial & Assessment and Foundations


If you're new to CrossFit or don't have any experience in weight training, Foundations is for you. In two intensive classes completed in succession during the weekend we will teach you everything you need to know so that you can get in to regular classes with confident and correct movements.

The announcement bar at the top of the website will let you know when the next stream is starting. The Foundations classes must be completed in succession from the beginning. If you are unable to make one of the classes, a private session can be scheduled. 

Free Trial & Assessment

Want to come in and try it out before jumping right in? Sign up for a Free Trial & Assessment class, offered twice each week! The coaches will answer any questions you have about what it is we do, go through what a normal day & class looks like at Leviathan, have a look at your movements to best instruct you where to start, and get a quick WOD in to see what it's all about.